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Crescent Resort, Darjeeling

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." - Bob Marley

Enjoy Darjeeling this Monsoon!
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Crescent Resort, Darjeeling

What makes the monsoon in Darjeeling special?

Rainfall leads to the formation of numerous waterfalls cascading down the hills, creating a spectacular sight and sound. Rivers and streams, which might have dried up or reduced to a trickle during the dry season, swell with water, flowing vigorously and sometimes changing their courses.

Slightly drenched, you stroll down the lane with an umbrella, shopping for souvenirs in Darjeeling. As you head toward the Mall and feel a bit chilly, you savor the juiciest and most delicious momo. Every monsoon tells a story; create a beautiful one for yourself.
Crescent Resort, Darjeeling
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Since centrally located, the best are Darjeeling landmarks and amenities are of easy access and yet, in our little niche you’ll find the seclusion and privacy that you so desired during a break. 

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